New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Smile

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to dream big about what we want to accomplish in 2023. In the past, maybe you’ve considered orthodontics but found the logistics too tricky. Now is the time to start challenging yourself to consider how great life can be with a healthy smile. At Central Virginia Orthodontics, we are right there with you!

We are ready to bust some of the biggest myths and challenges that have been holding you back from the smile you want. Dr. Baugher and Dr. Claiborne are eager to show you what you’ve been missing with orthodontic care that is thorough, specialized, and custom to your unique needs. 

So let’s talk through a few of your biggest fears so you can be empowered to have a healthier smile in 2023!

What are you afraid of?

Overwhelm —> Accountability

If you are overwhelmed by the thought of getting braces or Invisalign, you are not alone. And you won’t be alone in your treatment either. One of the best parts of getting orthodontic treatment with Central Virginia Orthodontics is that you’ll always have a team of professionals to remind you and keep you accountable throughout the process.

We were never meant to do things all alone, resolutions included. So your resolution for a healthier smile is made so much easier by having the support of an entire team, and the expertise to keep things simple along the way.

Expense —> Health

We get the expense of orthodontics can seem overwhelming. Dr. Baugher and Dr. Claiborne like to tell their patients that spending a little money now will help save them a whole lot of money later! Investing in your smile means healthier teeth that will have fewer problems as you age. 

The other great thing about Central Virginia Orthodontics is that they know how to support each and every family on the journey. We accept most major dental insurance plans and create individualized payment schedules that will fit almost every budget, making it affordable and possible for you to get the healthy smile you want and need.

Inconvenience —> Confidence

There is nothing convenient about having a mouth full of metal or having to remove plastic retainers every time you eat. But a little inconvenience now will go a long way later on when you have the dazzling smile you’ve always wanted. Confidence is a huge factor for our patients who have seen their teeth transform through treatment. After years of feeling insecure or hiding their smiles, they are ready to greet the world in a new way.

Learning how to care for your teeth with orthodontics is a small price to pay for the final outcome, we promise you. 

New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Smile

How to Get Started on Your Resolution

If you are in Lynchburg, let Dr. Baugher and Dr. Claiborne help you get the teeth of your dreams in 2023. It all starts with a quick call to our office to schedule a free consultation appointment. We’ll show you just how healthy and happy your smile could be by this time next year!